Best Ted Talks: Top Ted Talks on Robotics

Are you fascinated by living machines or Robotics? Like the Terminator or the Star Wars AI concept?

If yes, then you are on the right boat!

ROBOTS would soon take over the manpower in the future. And, here comes a closely knitted concept that is, Artificial Intelligence.

Top Ted Talks on Robotics

We can’t talk about robotics without the intervention of the AI. Now, what’s AI?

AI is the intelligence that’s shown by the machines, in contrast to the intelligence that we humans possess. This term was basically coined to better explain the effects of AI on the humankind.

Best Ted Talks: Top Ted Talks on Robotics

If you have been following TED Talks, then you might already know the influence of technology and hot-topics like Robotics/AI. They are over 50+ videos based on robotics and infinite videos on technology!

There are many bright and hard-working people out there working in the field of Robotics, and doing everything for the betterment and developed future. Watch out of the best compiled TedTalks that remain my all-time favorite on Robotics:

1. Could a robot pass a university entrance exam?

Noriko Arai who is a Japanese mathematician and an AI expert conducted a test on whether the computer could get into the University of Tokyo or not?

The results came out – with the AI system scoring 70% in the University exam. Even sports like the ping pong are trending because of the best ping pong robot available.

Also, Arai has pointed out the flaws too, saying AI has lack of understanding. They don’t know why the correct option was selected.

2. Robots with “soul”

This special talk was given by Guy Hoffman, who is serving as the assistant professor at the Mills Family Faculty Fellow. He shared his discovery on how robots could interact and puts light on the humanization part of the robots. Also, he tries to break that typical quality of robots which only ‘observes and respond’. He says it’s all more than that.

3. How AI can bring on a second Industrial Revolution?

Kevin Kelly, the executive editors working at The Wired has published a lot about science, philosophy, the human brain, and intelligent machines. In this TED video, Kevin explains the important aspects of AI that need to be understood before implementing.

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