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TED stands for Technology, Entertainment, and Design – it’s USA based private non-profit organization that is popularly known for their conferences. People from different background and fields join in as the speakers. Most of them have an inspiring story to share, and this keeps the audience entertained and also leave them inspired.

Most of the TED videos are carried out in Europe and parts of US. The talks are carried out by scientists, philosophers, developers, artists, musician, actor, etc. It could be just anyone, but someone whose story is worth-listening, and have ideas worth spreading.

TEDx Karachi Inspiring People with Hope & Ideas

At present, TED is run by the guy named Chris Anderson, and he is a Pakistani-born and Oxford-educated journalist. He went back to his hometown and made up his mind to start the TED conference in this own country Pakistan, and that’s how the birth of TEDxKarachi happened.

TEDx Karachi

On the visit to Karachi, Chris conducted the first ever Karachi TED talk. As per the sources and other journalists present at the talk, Chris discussed how the rise in cell phones and technology can change the way of living.

He also mentioned how the reach of the Internet on devices, and other videos can change how the people act, think, and contribute towards the other people. 

Some of the Pakistan online startups that I can recall at this time include the Khan Academy, and also the which is a job site restricted to only Pakistan.

The other people who joined the TEDxKarachi series includes the founder of Kashf foundation Roshanneh Zafar, which is funded by the Acumen Fund. She inspires the women to be independent and on ways of creating micro-finances.

Even the blogger Nuruddin Abjani who heard her speech appreciated her work, and the change she is bringing among people. He also mentioned how the audience people got teary-eyed when Roshanneh sang the National Anthem after her talk.

Even Chris Anderson’s wife joined in the talk and she asked people, “If not now, when? If not us, who?”.

More inspiring TED talks are on the way! They are sure to encourage you and guide you with simple solutions that all common people can carry out for solving out a national problem. It believes in lighting candles instead of cursing the darkness.