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It was for the first time that an amazing and prestigious event like the TEDx is being conducted in Karachi! Recently, they organized a mini-film making competition with the theme – What Pakistan Needs Now?

Ali Kapadia’s film stood out from all, and the video time limit was 1 minute. TED is a non-profit organization which is highly popular for their TED talks that are conducted by a bunch of motivational speakers, businessmen, and personalities belonging to different fields.

TEDxKarachi ~ Mini-Film Winning Entry by Ali Kapadia

It was a Friday evening, and people were arranged in a number of approx 400 which included entrepreneurs, scientists, celebrities, journalists, etc at a local club.

Chris Anderson is currently the main guy handling all the TED proceedings. He is himself a Pakistani, and who left his job and joined to work for TED. He liked how the talks inspired people and connected people from across the countries.

Before joining TED, Chris once attended a talk and he mentioned how he fell in love with the conference, and he just wanted to spread the ideas to as many people as possible. That was his only goal.

Coming to the video submitted by Ali Kapadia on “What Pakistan Needs Now” is a sweet 1 min video with the story narrated by Aniqa Adil. The message in the video is originally compiled by Ali Kapadia, along with the support of Eman Bente Syed, and the Azad Film Company.

That’s the link to the video! If you haven’t seen it already, then you watch it here.

The video narration starts with the intro of a Robot that will deal with the bad guys by converting the weapons to flowers, and lock them up. Then, the video shows how the Robot will collect all the pollution and produce schools, and drop them in different parts of the country. It will then use the solar energy, and then create electricity for the people.

At the end of the video, it answers on what does Pakistan need now? The answer is a little bit of imagination. It’s indeed an inspiring one and explains the need for ideas and imagination in a simple way.

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