Water TED Talks: 3 Ted Talks to Watch This World Water Day

When was the last time you actually cared about the water coming out from your tap? People, like most of us take things for granted. However, it is not much advisable to do so while dealing with WATER!

Best TED Talk Videos – Must Watch on This World Water Day

I came across many water TED talk videos, and the following ones stand the best of them.

Lana Mazahreh – 3 Thoughtful Ways to Conserve Water

Lana Mazahreh

Lana is a water conservation activist and wants more individuals, companies, and volunteers to take fast action against the growing water crisis in the world. As per the UN statistics, one in 3 persons is facing a water crisis in their country. Lana grew up in Jordan, that already has a long history of the water crisis. This is how she realized the problem and learned different water conservation tips right from her childhood days itself.

Michael Pritchard – How to Make Filthy Water Drinkable

Michael Pritchard

Having access to clean drinking water is not that easy, yeah I meant if you have run out of cash or your city is going through a water crisis or any other natural calamity. Now, users of some of the good inline water filter must be knowing the importance of clean water. It’s very important, Period.

Michael Pritchard is an engineer who invented the Lifesaver Bottle which is capable of filtering out even 25nm sized water particles. He showed how the bottle can remove any amount of water contaminates in just seconds!

Rose George – Let’s Talk Crap. Seriously.

Rose George

She is a curious journalist and loves to talk about things which are not normally discussed around. You may find her talking about sewage, latrines, poop, pirate hostages, menstrual hygiene, etc!

In this TED talk video posted in 2013, she shares about the not-so-heard problems relating to improper sanitation. Rose puts a light on the stories where people have suffered and fought against the loo-troubles bravely.

Do you have any TED recommendations for the World Water Day special? Comment the title or share us the link in the comments below.

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