Who we are

Hello there, this is Alice Perez and I am currently leading TEDxkarachi.com website.

We are working on sharing the idea that has been originally posted by the TEDx team.

In the name TEDx, x stands for the independently organized event, and it is quite popular too. In a TEDx event, different speakers from a variety of field like technology, politics, psychology, maths, health, etc. join and share their part of experiences and research with a group of audience.

You might have already seen a TEDx video, and felt inspired already! All of them are motivating, truly justifies the tagline ‘ideas worth spreading’.

We have a team of 5 members who are entrusted with certain roles like

  • Leader (Alice),
  • Manager,
  • Writer,
  • The marketing person, and
  • The person who keeps all the updates in check.

Every member has been assigned clear functions, and they are really good at their respective jobs. Quality is what matters than the Quantity. Therefore, a small team is always a good choice. Especially when you are at the developing stage.

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See you guys, soon!